Vanarama concept
This work was created for a company called Vanarama for a design pitch. 
The Why? 
After an agent approaching me regarding a job for Vanarama, I wanted to get in to the mindset of how to evolve the brand, from re-designing the branding through to the re-design of the homepage.
The How? 
When looking at the branding, I noticed how similar the colour palette is to a very famous group of brands, to the first thing I did was evolve the brand orange, to give it a warmer feel and make it more distinctive so that Vanarama had it's own identity. 
The Second thing I did was research the brand and it's digital presence, from there I created a story board, customer profiles and set about creating a wireframe to overhaul their current homepage.  
The thing I found confusing about the current homepage was all the mixed messages, so what I tried doing was condensing the messaging and pushing a smaller range of products so it drove the user further in to the site to get quotes.
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