A little story about Colsy​
Time for Jackanory folks... get comfy.
Back in my 20's, my life was going nowhere fast, I had always worked but never had a career and then before I knew it, I was no longer in my 20's, I had turned 30 over night and realised that if I wanted a decent standard of living, I needed to get my backside in to gear, so off I trotted too BCUC in Amersham and enrolled on a HND in Graphic Design and Illustration back in 2005.  I graduated my HND in 2007 and then decided that in order to be taken seriously as a designer, I would need my BA in Graphic Design, so I transferred through to BCUC in High Wycombe where I studied under some of the best tutors that you could possibly meet, such as Mark Hudson and Jerry Gull (whose love of typography infected me then and has become my main passion in design.
When I graduated in June 2008, I was very very fortunate that I landed a job working at Tesco.com, my primary job role was the web designer for the clothing at Tesco department, during this time, I learned so much, met so many fantastic people and from there I've gone on to work with some the leading retailers in the word ranging from Tesco, Argos, French Connection, Mango, Zara, Blacks & Millets.
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