Coimmvest Fintech Start Up
Website, Branding and App for a fintech start up based in London.
The Why? 
I was charged with constructing the whole guardianship for a Financial Start Up called Coimmvest.     It all started in 2015 where the Peer to Peer market was relatively new to the business world so there wasn't much to go on regarding researching.
The How? 
I started off doing lots of research on the Peer to Peer business lending model, as the research unfolded, it lead me more in to the Anti Money Laundering legal aspects, after speaking to various legal operatives within this realm, I had a grasp of what needed to be done, so I set about creating the wireframes, from the wire frames I then created the prototype, from the prototype I then put my  UI / Art Director hat on. 
The look and feel I wanted for the website was more in keeping from my Ecommerce background which is making things as slick as possible, so I set about choosing the palettes which is a warm blue against a warm deep grey.  After choosing the palettes of the site I wanted a font that could sit next to these and work in cohesion so i chose a font called Visby.  Once all of the UI was done I set about selecting photography because I couldn't find what I wanted, I commissioned a drone photography to take a video of London. 
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