A concept I did for M&S back in 2015 when they were launching a higher end price point, my theory behind the design is that they needed to cut back on the navigation, concentrate more on the typography, photography and simplify the whole journey and make it more luxury based. 
The Why? 
When M&S where launching their brand with a higher price point label under the guidance of Belinda Earle, I was invited for an interview and I wanted to show that M&S needed to steer the higher price point label to its own site.
The How? 
The first thing I did was create wireframes and plot out a basic journey. Because the label covered three sections, I wanted to include this within the homepage. I wanted to simplify the navigation putting the emphasis on the typography and photography. From the home page, people were able to click on an image and the navigation would unfold, making it a fluid motion.
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