Heist Studio Redesign Concept
Digital re-design for Heist Studio
The Why? 
Looking through the Heist Studio, I found the images very blocky and with a very heavy download period.
The How? 
I set about creating the UX of the website, firstly starting with doing a UI inventory and then collating all the files so I knew what assets I would have to work with.  After creating the Inventory, I then went about researching all their competitors, from this user research I was able to ascertain the bench mark of the market.  I then went about creating a story board, then from there, I created a site map, from the site map I was about to plot out what content is needed and to go where, this is where I created hand drawn wireframes. 
Once the wireframes had been created I was able to understand the visual that I wanted to project, this is where I played about with fonts.

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