STYLe INDEX Redesign Concept
Digital re-design for Style Index
The Why? 
This is pitch work for a fashion start-up called Style Index. The company are fashion index and going through their current website, there was no styling or art direction. 
The How? 
Because Style Index is such a unique concept there wasn't many reference points to start researching from.  Once the research was in place, I then created a site map with pin point references, from this I was able to create four user profiles - Model, Photographer, Influencer and Brand. From the user profiles, I was then able to create a full board site map an then proceed to create wireframes. 
On here I have only shown the desktop, but the complete user journey concentrates from Desktop through to mobile.  Once the user journey was done, I was then able to concentrate on the User Interface. 
In the User Interface, I want to keep to a base palette for fonts, icons and buttons I want the main colour to be black, and from this I wanted to use a red, so I created the art work in varying shades of reds to balance out the black and white.
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