Website overhaul of the UX / UI for Huel Ltd
Huel Ltd is a local based brand (Aylesbury) and after looking through their site and trying to digest the amount of information, I set about trying to tidy the site up.
Huel Ltd is all about a lifestyle, when going through the site, I didn't see that much that could be conveyed as a lifestyle brand, it was too word heavy and the wording was repetitive.  I started about clearing up the homepage, as I'm a firm believer that the homepage needs only to be a taster to the rest of the site, so I cut back all the information that wasn't relevant and made it more simple for the user to understand. 
I followed this practice through the other pages, keeping enough information on there that it would serve as a SEO conductor.  I introduced a more image based site that could be easily remedied within the CSS and HTML for Shopify.  From making it more image based, I pulled in a different font, this being Gotham Book and Gotham Medium so that it's a fluid platform and easy on the eyes.
Huel - Home Page
Huel - Cat Page
Huel - Page 01 (Closed)
Huel - Page 01 (Open)
Huel - Product Description Page
Huel - Template 01
Huel - Template 02
Huel - Template 03
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